Women’s Day Celebrated in the Foreign Ministry

March 10, 2018

KABUL – Women’s day was celebrated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deputy Minister in Administrative Affairs Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha, directors, and other staff of the Ministry participated in this event.

Mr. Andisha talked about the important role of women and added, “Women as the active force of the society have always had a very active role in the length of history along men in social and political affairs.” He called women as main victims of war, insecurity, chaos, improper and wrong traditions, and unpleasant customs. He also mentioned the achievements of the Ministry in terms of protecting and ensuring the rights of women and gender equality during 1396 and committed to working more for women in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During this program, Head of Afghan Female Diplomats and Head of Human Rights and Women’s International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also talked about the position, rights, role, and importance of Afghan women and added, “The role and work of women in Afghanistan have been very important in the history of Afghanistan. They have always worked along with men during difficult situations in political, social, and cultural affairs.”

In the end, appreciation letters and gifts were presented to the Ministry staff.