Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Joint Delegation of the Germany and Netherland Embassies in Kabul

May 17, 2017

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mrs. Adela Raz met with joint delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany and Netherland Embassies, led by Charge de’affaires of the German embassy in Kabul Dr. Ulrich Ernst, this afternoon in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

While welcoming guests, Mrs. Adela Raz thanked for comprehensive cooperation of the Germany and Netherland with Afghanistan.

In this meeting, both sides talked and exchanged their views on the successful holding of the fourth Afghan women Symposium in Kabul, building capacity of the Afghan government’s officials in the field of water management, cooperation in fighting against the effects of climate changes and establishing cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and the German embassy for holding the research and academic conferences.

At the end, Dr. Ulrich gave information on the creation of an intergovernmental unit plan in the framework of the United Nations for discussion of water engineering in the global level. And asked the support of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from this plan.