Deputy Foreign Minister Meets Head of Delegation for ICRC in Afghanistan

February 12, 2018

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister for Management and Resources Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha met with Head of Delegation for the ICRC in Afghanistan Ms. Monica Zanarelli yesterday.

The Deputy Foreign Minister appreciating the activities of the ICRC under difficult security conditions in Afghanistan, recalling the recent terrorist attacks on the ICRC Offices and staff, expressed hope that such incidents would not negatively affect the humanitarian and neutral activities of charitable institutions

The head of the ICRC Recalling the Kunduz, Jowzjan and Mazar e Sharif security incidents, describing 2017 a difficult year for the staff of this Committee in Afghanistan, expressed killing and abduction of the ICRC staff in Jowzjan and Mazar e Sharif has suspended some of the activities of this committee in mentioned provinces.

Ms. Zanarelli said that her tenure had come to an end and Mr. Pascal will possibly assume the responsibility of the ICRC Affairs in Afghanistan.

Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Andisha expressed pleasure over the possible appointment of Mr. Pascal who has previous experience working in Afghanistan, assured Ms. Zanarelli that Afghan government, especially the Foreign Ministry, will cooperate in providing necessary facilities for the ICRC in the security and the technical areas.