Deputy Foreign Minister Attends in the International Counter Terrorism Conference

March 16, 2016

KABUL – Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai attended in the International Counter Terrorism Conference at the invitation of India Foundation in New Delhi, India.

While addressing to the conference on the causes and roots of terrorism as well as ways to combat this phenomenon, Mr. Karzai said, “Previously terrorist circles used to focus on the axis to create fear in the community, but now they focus on mass murder. This requires a close and drastic cooperation of the international community, particularly the countries of the region to combat with this phenomenon.”

On the sideline of this conference, Mr. Karzai met with the Minister of Home Affairs of Singapore Mr. K Shanmugam and discussed issues on further strengthening cooperation between Afghanistan and Singapore in different spheres, and the upcoming trip of H.E. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Singapore.

Mr. Karzai also met with Minister of State for External Affairs of India Mr. M.J Akbar and discussed variety of issues, including further strengthening of cooperation and India’s participation in the next meeting of the Heart of Asia, which will be convened in Baku city.   

In addition, Mr. Karzai met with his Indian counterpart Dr. Subrahmanyam where they broadly discussed issues on preparation for tripartite meeting of Afghanistan, India and Iran; tripartite meeting of Afghanistan, India and the United States, and the holding of Afghanistan and India Partnership Council.

Mr. Karzai also had a comprehensive meeting with the Economic Foreign Secretary Mr. Amar Sinha, during which Mr. Sinha discussed and exchanged views on the future development plans of India for Afghanistan in the areas of housing, irrigation facilities as well as professional and vocational education.