Opening Remarks of Mr. Ershad Ahmadı at Istanbul Process-‘Heart of Asia’ Senior Officials Meeting- 17 January 2014 NEW DELHI

Istanbul Process-‘Heart of Asia’ Senior Officials Meeting
January 17, 2014, New Delhi
Opening Remarks


Distinguished Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am very pleased that once again we are gathering to in this setting under the Istanbul Process, a process that is geared toward promoting regional cooperation for sustainable security and economic prosperity of Afghanistan and the Heart of Asia Region.

So a very warm welcome to all of the Heart of Asia countries and the United Nations, our companions in this journey.

Please also allow me to take the opportunity to thank the government of India for their generosity and hospitality that they have extended to us and for the active role that they have been playing in promotion of regional cooperation, in particular through the ‘Heart of Asia’ the Istanbul Process.

Dear colleagues,

Despite all challenges and hurdles that may exists towards a multilateral platform which is purely based on consensuses and interests of all its stakeholders, we have managed to take the Heart of Asia process forward and sustain its momentum. In our view our work is getting more focused and moving to the right direction, which is to complement and supplement all the existing initiative and to provide a platform for dialogue and confidence building that is beneficial to all of us.

Now that our world has turned to a small village and our interdependencies are in the rise, we believe that constructive cooperation is the only solution through which we can address our common challenges and enhance and realize our shared interests.

With this hope and with support and concurrence of our co-chair the Peopl’s Republic of China, in this meeting we have decided to have specific issues to discuss and hopefully come to some mutually beneficial and supportive consensus about at the political consultation section; and to also candidly review  the obstacles we are facing in implementing some confidence building activities.

I believe we will have a long but fruitful day ahead of us and am very much looking forward to the discussions and innovative ideas about taking our joint initiative forward.

I thank you