Afghan and Finland Ministries of Foreign Affairs hold Second Meeting for Political Consultations

HELSINKI – The second political consultations meeting between the Afghan and Finnish Ministries of Foreign Affairs, co-chaired by Mr. Khalil Karzai, Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan and Ms. Anne Sipiläinen, Deputy Foreign Minister of Finland, was held yesterday the 15th of May, 2017, in Helsinki.

The above consultations revolved around issues like proper implementation of the provisions of the agreements signed for cooperation between Afghanistan and Finland, as well as security challenges in Afghanistan and Europe. They also talked about the peace process, human rights, women empowerment, rule of law, refugees and immigration crisis, combating against corruption, cooperation in the education sector and strengthening political relations between Kabul and Helsinki. Other topics for talks and consultations between Deputy Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan and Finland were regional cooperation, good governance, expanding the horizon of the Finnish developmental projects for Afghanistan as well as economic and humanitarian assistance offered by the government of Finland for the Afghan people.

During the meeting, Deputy Foreign Minister of Finland promised that her country would cooperate with Afghanistan on providing the Afghan students with technical and vocational training and education.

Based on the cooperation agreements that were signed between Kabul and Helsinki after the withdrawal of the Finnish forces from Afghanistan on the 29th of April, 2013, the Republic of Finland has made the commitment of continuing its development support programs for Afghanistan. In this respect, the Republic of Finland has pledged to provide Afghanistan with an economic aid of thirty million Euros annually until the year, 2024.