Stoor Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Protocol Directorate General

This department is one of the significant and key organs not only inside the MoFA but also among all ministries of Afghan government. It is responsible for all protocol services such as, organizing of invitations, conferences and seminars, arrangements of visits of High Ranking Foreign Officials to Afghanistan and vice versa, Protocol arrangements for reception of new ambassadors and so on. For further facilities, it is comprised of four desks:

  1. Protocol and Reception Desk
  2. Meeting and Appointments Desk
  3. Diplomatic Services
  4. Diplomatic Visa and Passports


First Poltical Division

This division is responsible for establishment and ensuring of political, economic and bilateral relations with the countries, such as, south and south East Asia, Far East and Common Wealth.


Second Political Division

In order to establish and improve efficient, diplomatic and friendly relationships on the basis of mutual and common interest, this department deals with the two important continents of the world, such as Middle East Countries in Asia, Iran, Turkey and all countries located in Africa Continent.


Third Political Division

This division deals with the 28 countries which located in South and East European Countries, the Baltic, Central Asia and Caucuses.

This Department like other political departments is trying to extend and develop political and diplomatic relations of Afghan government with the countries in its working area.


Fourth Political Division

For the purpose of promoting of foreign policy as well as ensuring political and bilateral economic relations, this division is to supervise and look after the affairs of those countries located in the working scope of this division.
This division is mainly responsible for dealing with 24 Western European countries on bilateral diplomatic relations basis. This directorate contains four working areas such as:

  1. Western European Countries
  2. Northern European Countries
  3. Southern European Countries
  4. European Union


Fifth Political Division

This Department is responsible for the political affairs of America’s continent, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia and South America. In addition, it renders more or less the same functions as other divisions do.


Regional Economic Cooperation Development

The main objectives of this Dept. is to ensure that collaboration with regional countries and with economic cooperation organizations in the region and beyond is developed to maximum, that constructive policies and programs to support Afghanistan are developed and implemented.


Multilateral Relations and International Financial Institutions:

The staff member of this Directorate shall manage and develop the work of Economic Relations Dept. in the field of multilateral relations with the international financial institutions. And it paves the ground for fully participation of MoFA in all relevant international programs and initiatives.


Trade, Transit and Investment Department

This directorate is responsible for all trade, trade related and investment issues and provides policy advice to the Deputy Foreign Minister. Further more, it encourages and facilitates foreign investment in Afghanistan and promotes exports of goods & services from Afghanistan as well as guiding the Economic Deputy Minister and MoFA contribution to the regional and international negotiations on trade matters and foreign investment issues.


Bilateral Relations Department

This office is responsible for all matters dealing with bilateral economic relations. The staff members of this office provide advice to the Deputy Foreign Minister on issues of bilateral economic relations and also they are trying to ensure that an “Early Warning System” is in place to permit ERC Division and MoFA more generally to detect emerging issues and trends in bilateral economic affairs. Establishing a program of regular meetings with Foreign Embassies in Afghanistan, and representing Afghanistan in meetings on bilateral economic relations are other basic tasks of this office.

UN Affairs Department

This office renders activities related to UN and International Conferences which Afghanistan is one of their members, including International Symposiums, Workshops, Seminars and Summits.
Besides, it deals with those affairs related to terrorism, drugs, ISAF, ICC, International Crimes, Interpol, International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, UNEMA, and IEA.
Further more, it paves the ground for official travels of High Ranking government officials to participate the aforementioned international conferences.


Planning and Policy Department

This Departments. is responsible for all matters dealing with policy and planning in Economic Relations Division. More over, it gives advice to Deputy Foreign Minister for economic affairs on the appropriate strategies and policies. And its objective is to ensure that high standard analysis is prepared to support the decisions which are made.


Center for Strategic Studies

The Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded in 2003 and is the first of its kind in Afghanistan. Its purpose is to give policy makers strategic depth in shaping Afghanistan’s foreign policy. The center is divided into three sections: Europe/America, Middle East/Africa, and Asia. Through tireless research and debate, a dedicated team of experts guide Afghanistan as it reasserts itself into regional and global geopolitics. In addition to its research activities, the CSS: