5000 books were awarded by the Institute of Diplomacy to Afghanistan’s Academy of Sciences.

Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan donated around 5000 volumes available in several international languages to the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan. These books were collected at the Institute one year ago, and may be useful in various fields for Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, according to the agreement of both parties it was awarded to the Afghan Academy of Sciences.
Institute of Diplomacy in Afghanistan doesn’t only have scientific and academic ties with the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan but it has academic relations with other academic institutions as well.
It’s worth mentioning that in near future Institute of Diplomacy is also planning to donate some books in provincial representative offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture visited the Library of Institute of Diplomacy of MoFA.

On 28th of May Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Culture and Information visited the Library of the IoD. In talk with Dr. Moheb Spinghar the Director General of IoD. He pointed out the main challenges that exist in libraries in Afghanistan.
He said: The number of people who have a professional degree in librarianship in Afghanistan are limited and the need is most severe. Young Afghan professionals should be trained in the field of librarianship. Dr. Raheen added that, Afghanistan's Minister of Higher Education has asked the Kabul University to establish the Department of Library Science so that students could also study in this field.
Meanwhile, Mr. Raheen promised to provide the Library of the IoD with some books and help IoD in fields of librarianship and achieve.
H.E also proposed to Dr. Spinghar to send two employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for participating in the workshop of “Copy Right” that is held at the Ministry of Culture and Information.


Library of ministry of foreign affairs was established in Institute of diplomacy’s administrative structure 50 years back. Library of IoD has 12000 titles of books in different languages most of which is in Pashto and Dari and rest are in English and most other languages where we can find beneficial information about history and geography of regional countries and glob.
About more than 90 titles of different political, economical, cultural and literature books were bought and included in collection of library, with the help of embassy of Islamic republic of Afghanistan from Islamic republic of Iran.
Note: IoD would be glad to accept book donations to enrich its library.