Introduction Ceremony for eight new books published by Mr.Sayed Azizulrahman Safawi Deputy Director for Cultural Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 8th November, 2017. At the Institute of Diplomacy Hall. 


Certificates Distribution Ceremony for Participants of Academic Conference on Transboundary Waters of Afghanistan (Challenges, Opportunities and Conceptions), 4th-9th November,2017, at the Diplomacy Institute of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 



Academic Conference on Management of Transboundary Waters of Afghanistan (Challenges, Opportunities and Conceptions), by Afghan water  studies expert Dr.Mumtaz Ahmadi and participation of MoFA and other related Governmental organizations officials (4th-9th November,2017) at the Diplomacy Institute of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Academic Conference on International Economics (27 October-1th November ,2017) with Participation of MoFA Employees and Participants of the Political and Diplomacy Course of the Diplomacy Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Two days Academic Conference (3-4 October 2017) on Extremism is either an Ordinary Problem or a challenge for civilization , by Mohammad Moheq Researcher on Islamic fields, with participation of MoFA Employees and participants of Political-Diplomacy Course of the Diplomacy Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Inauguration of Conference on Natural Resources Diplomacy at the Diplomacy Institute of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (10-11 October, 2017), held for MoFA Employees and Political-Diplomacy Course of the Institute of Diplomacy Participants.

Afghan Junior Diplomat Participated Diplomatic Skills Course

A group of 18 Afghan Junior Diplomats Participated from 10 to 24 September, 2016 in the People’s Republic of China for learning more Diplomatic Skills and updating their information about People’s Republic of China. This is the fifth Joint program arranged by both U.S.A and People’s Republic of China governments for upgrading the capacity of Afghan Diplomats.

TOEFL-Preparation classes for MoFA Officials

More than 195 MoFA officials are enrolled in newly arranged TOEFL Preparation classes, after   passing English classification exam through the American University of Afghanistan English testing process for English learners.

In view of the requirements of MoFA employees for improving their English proficiency and a crucial need of them for more facilitating their international communications, the Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan after lots of attempts got succeeded to hold different levels of TOEFL-Preparation classes for MoFA officials. The program is held in collaboration and financial support of The Asia Foundation office in Afghanistan and The European Union Delegation to Afghanistan as main donor since 3rd November 2015, in variety of levels such as: Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced and TOEFL-Preparation.

The duration of each class is four months. At the end of each class term, those participants who will be able to pass the class based tests and participate regularly in sessions, will have the opportunity to attend higher level classes.

This English teaching process will continue at least for a year, till each of the begun classes completes the TOEFL-Preparation class. The aim for holding such courses is to more empower afghan Diplomats in their international communications and correspondences. Therefore the Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tries it’s best to pave more opportunities for Afghan Diplomats to build their capacity in international communication arenas to enable them more to serve for the country in a more professional manner.


Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

May 29, 2016

Kabul – The 60th anniversary of the Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was celebrated, today afternoon, with the presence of the Afghan Foreign Minister Mr. Salahuddin Rabbani, Deputy Foreign Ministers Mr. Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Mr. Naseer Ahmad Andisha, and Mrs. Adela Raz, former Foreign Minister Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta, former Deputy Foreign Ministers Dr. Haidar Reza and Mr. Mohammad Kabir Farahi, Ambassadors from friend countries in Kabul, former and current Directors and employees of the Ministry.

At the outset, Director of Institute of Diplomacy, Dr. Muhebburrahman Speenghar welcomed the participants and shed light on the past and current operations of the institute. Later on, Foreign Minister Rabbani besides expressing delight for this occasion, stated that understanding the principles and fundamentals of politics is significant for pursuing national goals and interests, and while mentioning the efforts of the current leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard “I emphasize as Foreign Minister that, as promised, I will not hesitate in turning the diplomatic apparatus cadres into academic and getting out of the routine and passive mode, as we compiled the Political Principles and Goals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the transformation decade by an elite team, we will finalize the compilation of the policies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Foreign Policy for a 4 year period.” said Mr. Rabbani.

The former Foreign Minister Mr. Spanta stated that selecting the best to serve in the diplomatic apparatus of the country is significant and training experienced and knowledgeable diplomats is a necessity and important for now and country’s future, and while remembering and appreciating the efforts put by the founder and pioneers of the foreign relations of Afghanistan such as; Mr. Mahmood Tarzi, Mr. Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi, Mr. Musa Shafiq, Mr. Abdurrahman Pajhwak, Mr. Rawan Farhadi and others, counted them as the foreign relations thinkers of the country; and stated that he believes that the current Afghan Foreign Minister and his young team will put effort in carrying out Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy and protecting national interests, and the Afghan people expects the very same from them as well.

The Institute of Diplomacy was inaugurated in 1334, when Mr. Sardar Mohammad Naim Khan was the foreign minister, with the purpose of capacity development of the employees of the Ministry. Since its inauguration, diplomats and employees have graduated in 22 terms and have served in the diplomatic apparatus. For the first time in 1393, the Master’s program was introduced for the young diplomats, with the cooperation of the Kabul University, through which 11 diplomats from MoFA successfully completed the master’s program.  

16th Senior Diplomatic course from 11-22 April 2016 in Jakarta.

One participant from Afghanistan was invited to the said course. Contents of the program was composed of general information on ASEAN, Political developments of Indonesia, an overview of Indonesia and it’s foreign relations, Indonesia’s commitments for combating terrorism and Human Rights situation in Indonesia. Participants were invited from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China for the said program.


21th graduation course of participants of the Diplomacy and Political sciences course of the Institute of Diplomacy was celebrated.

This celebration gathering was held at the Institute of Diplomacy’s Hall, with Participation of lecturers of the Institute, Heads of different Departments of the MoFA and participants of the said course. In this graduation celebrity, 90 participants received their Diplomas after completion of one year academic period.                                                                                                                        

Participants from the junior employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other afghan governmental organization were participated at the said annual course.


The 22nd course of Institute of Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs began.

The 22nd course of Institute of Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs began on 29th of March in Institute of Diplomacy, all the staff members of IOD and the participants of 22nd course of Diplomacy has participated in this event.
Dr. Zekria Iakoubi Deputy of IoD mentioned in his speech to the Participants that:
Institute of Diplomacy will effort to continue the enhance of professional capacity of Afghan Diplomats, and also He added that this course will be continue up to 9th  months, and the participants will be train in the field of Diplomacy and International politics.

It should also to be mention that in 22nd course of Diplomacy the students are became around 70 among these about 50 are diplomats of ministry of foreign affairs and the rest are from various afghan ministries who are working in international relations Departments.


German Ambassador in Kabul visited Institute of Diplomacy

H.E. Mr. Marten Jäger, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Afghanistan visited the Institute of Diplomacy on 5thof March 2014. The occasion of his visit was the start of the new joint Master program in “International Relations and Political Science” of the IoD and Kabul University.
The German Ambassador expressed his relief for the joint Masters program and mentioned that this is an important step towards further professionalizing Afghan diplomats. During his talk with afghan diplomats he also mentioned the relation between Germany and Afghanistan, which is a long-standing relationship.   
H.E. Mr. Jäger answered various questions of young afghan diplomats, in particular concerning Afghanistan’s present situation and the upcoming presidential election. He mentioned that Germany has fully respect for Afghanistan’s independence and therefore will accept the winner of the presidential election. Germany will cooperate with him as the legitimate president of Afghanistan.
At the end the Director General of Institute of Diplomacy, Dr. Moheb-RahmanSpinghar thanked the Ambassador for visiting the Institute of Diplomacy.


The Institute of Diplomacy celebrated 20th batch of Political Science and Diplomatic courses graduation ceremony

H.E Zarar Ahmad Osmani Minister of Foreign Affairs and number of diplomats from friend countries participated in this ceremony which was held on 4th of February 2014 in protocol hall of Afghan Foreign Ministry in Kabul.
The ceremony started with the recitation of Holy Quran, and then the head of Institute of Diplomacy Dr. Mohebulrahman Spinghar added in his speech that, Institute of Diplomacy has been active since 50 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. For the first time we have succeeded to establish Masters Program in cooperation with Kabul University in field of International Relation. With the help of this program diplomats of ministry of foreign affairs will have the opportunity to obtain their Masters degree in the related field.

Later H.E Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned in his speech that in order to contribute in field of capacity development and improve the quality of work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs he will always support Institute of Diplomacy.

The ceremony ended with the distribution of certificates and gifts to graduates.

The book of “Diplomatic Etiquette” has been published

Mr. Abdul Halim Saqib Khairabadi who is an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has written and translated the book “Diplomatic Etiquette” in 2010. It has been published in December 2013 by the Institute of Diplomacy with the financial support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kabul.
The book review took place on 14th of December 2013 at the Institute of Diplomacy. Dr. Moheb Rahmen Spinghar, Director General of the Institute of Diplomacy, mentioned in his speech that beside the trainings the Institute of Diplomacy will continue publishing books which are important for the employees of the Ministry.
The opening ceremony ended with distribution of the book of Diplomatic Etiquette to the participants.

Young afghan diplomats are taking part in the second US-China Training Program for Afghan diplomats in Beijing

In early December 2013 the second part of the “US-China Training Program for Young Afghan Diplomats” started in Beijing, China. This joint program of the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China is this year in its second round. After the successful completion of the first part of the Program, which took part in Washington in June 2013, 15 young diplomats are being trained now in Beijing (China) from 3.12.2013 till 20.12.2013. The training consists, amongst other things, of lectures in the field of Chines Culture, Chinas Foreign Policy as well as the Sino-US Relation.

The Institute of Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan signed (Memorandum of Understanding) with Diplomatic Academy of Republic of Turkey Foreign Ministry

The delegation of Institute of Diplomacy of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jalat Khan Zahid Fayaz (Manager of Scholarship desk) and Mr. Hamidullah Zaki (Member of Foreign Language Desk) under the chairmanship of Dr. Moheburahman Spinghar left to Turkey to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with Turkish Diplomatic Institute on 6th of October 2013. This trip was hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of Republic of Turkey. In addition to the IoD employees 10 other afghan diplomats who were in Turkey for a one week training also participated in this trip which was marked a beginning of cooperation between these two institutes.
On 17th October 2013 the delegation  of Institute of Diplomacy along with Mr. Majid Daneshyar charge de affair of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Anqara and 10 Afghan young diplomats attended a gathering that was hosted by Foreign Ministry of Republic of Turkey where  Mrs. Borko Hamtai Director of Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Islamic Republic of Turkey and Director General of IoD also got a chance to discuss various important issues such as offering M.A and PhD scholarships, short term scholarships of Turkish  language and diplomatic skills trainings to Afghan diplomats in Turkey, they also mentioned the need of Turkish professors to teach in M.A programs in Afghanistan that is designed for Afghan diplomats in Afghanistan with cooperation of Kabul University.
In addition on 18th October 2013 in an official meeting of representatives of Afghan Institute of Diplomacy and Turkish Diplomatic Academy also discussed and analyzed the future long term cooperation between these two Institutions and our Turkish fellows promised to continue their cooperation with the IoD. At the end of this meeting the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Dr. Spinghar the Director General of IoD and Dr. Ars the Director of Diplomatic Academy of Turkey.
IoD delegation in the end of this trip also visited many historical places in Turkey.


Institute of Diplomacy established English language course, consistent with international standards.

Via effort of Institute of Diplomacy and funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, through this course for 9 months, 21 employees of the MoFA will be able to learn standard English.
Academic affairs of this course will be handled by the The British Council. The Institute of Diplomacy for a long time now, was trying to establish a language training program for Afghan diplomats in accordance with the international standards which finally started on 22nd of June and will continue till end of the year.
It is worth mentioning that aside from this course, Institute of Diplomacy has established two other English language courses for beginners in which about 30 employees of MoFA are learning foreign languages.


Five Day Scientific Seminar on Public International Law by IoD and Max Plank Foundation Reaches End

The five day Seminar on Public International Law reached its climax in the training hall of the Institute of Diplomacy. The seminar was conducted from 22th of 26th of july Mr. Jamshed Mumtaz and was arranged by Institute of Diplomacy and the Max Plank Foundation.
Dr. Jamshed Mumtaz is a lecturer in numerous universities such as Tehran University, Grenoble in France and others. He was invited by the IoD to provide a training seminar for five days looking to improve the knowledge of government staff on Public International Law.
The seminar was host to staff from ministries, independent government and members of the MFA and its affiliated center for strategic studies.
The seminar ended in an official ceremony with the distribution of the certificates.

MoU signed between MoFA Institute of Diplomacy and Romanian Counterpart

Institute of Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan signed a new MoU with its Romanian country to further expand their bilateral activities and work together on the 15th of Jawza of the current year. Dr. MohebSpinghar, Director General of IoD, and Adrian Kojsczanski, Romanian Charge d affairs, deputy directors and staff of IoD had participated in this ceremony. During this ceremony, representatives of the two countries pledged continuous cooperation before signing the MoU. Pursuant to this MoU, Romania will now invite around 10 Afghan diplomats for further short-term training courses over the year, while also providing them with opportunities in obtaining their Masters’ and doctorate degrees. The MoU will stand valid for five years and will play a vital role in extending the relations between two countries while also providing ample opportunities for Afghan diplomats.  

Institute of Diplomacy started foreign language courses

Institute of Diplomacy of the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan started the foreign language courses. In this program the English, German, French and Arabic courses are included. Right now around 70 employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs are learning foreign languages in these classes.
Students will be able to speak these languages after the completion of this one year language courses. According to the requirements of the Foreign Service job it’s necessary for the diplomats to be able to speak a foreign language after getting posted in embassies and consulates located abroad.
In the near future Institute of Diplomacy is planning to start other language courses as well.
Recently besides the Diplomacy and Political Science classes IoD is also working very hard in fields of foreign language courses and is trying to improve the quality of trainings and language classes.


Institute of Diplomacy together with the Institute of Maxplanck started its third workshop about “Human Rights” for all the ministries of Afghanistan.

The third workshop of MaxPlanck with cooperation of Institute of Diplomacy started, this time the workshop is about the International Human Rights Law. This training is going to be for one week. Around 40 participants have participated in this workshop from all the ministries in Afghanistan.
After 2001 Human Rights became a very important and crucial issue in Afghanistan, and in Afghanistan we witness the violation of Human Rights Law every day and for that reason Institute of Diplomacy wanted to have trainings in this filed.
 At the end of this training the participants will receive certificate of completion.

Report on Educational Training Programs and Diplomatic Aspects (manners, etiquettes)

The Institute of Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Embassy of Great Britain in Kabul jointly held an Educational Program titled “Theory and Characteristic (aspects) of Diplomacy” from 1st  till 4th   of July 2012 for diplomats and officials of other related ministries.
During this Training Program, the officials were exposed to important political topics and issues such as administrations and management, policy making, lobbying and other related issues by the experts from Great Britain.
These Training Programs enriches and develops in diplomats and ministry officials both in theoretical and practical skills central to their works. The capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs got build.
Certificates were awarded to the attendees, after successful completion of the four days Training Program.



Program report of “International General Law" and “Law and Treaties”
The Institute of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized two one week courses, which were realized by the Max Plank Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and financed by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The organization and implementation of such courses for the purpose of capability enhancement within central departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a part of the annual program of the Institute of Diplomacy.
The first course “International General Law” started on June 9th and ended on June 13th 2012. Participants were Heads of Law and Treaty departments of several afghan Ministries.
The second course “Law and Treaties” took place from 16th till 20th of June 2012. Participants were all employees of the Law and Treaty department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both courses ended with distributing certificates to the participants by Hazrat Wahriz, Director General of the Institute of Diplomacy.



English language classes:
Beginner class every Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 11:00am to 12:00pm
Intermediate classes, from Saturday to Wednesday, 1:30pm to 02:30pm.
Pre-intermediate class from 02:30pm to 03;30pm Saturday to Wednesday.
TOEFL classes from Saturday to Wednesday 11:00am to 12:30pm.
Other classes:
National languages (Pashto, Dari) program for foreigner Diplomats, April 2012 (Hamal 1391).
8 month course of Diplomacy, class (A) will start in April which will require an English language test for admission in class.
9 month course of Diplomacy, class (B) will start on March which will require a recommendation letter from Human Resource department of MoFA for admission in class.
Departmental training courses for each Department of Ministry of foreign affairs (Hamal 1391).
Conferences, Seminars and Workshops:
For presenting the latest information and acknowledgment of national and international political situations and regional and global economical developments, Institute of Diplomacy holds conferences, seminars and academic discussions which are delivered by internal and foreigner specialists as below:
-    High authority officials of country, ambassadors, charge de affairs and General counsels;
-    Lecturers, specialists, politicians and analysts;
-    Authorities of political representatives, consulates and international organizations in Kabul;
-    Lecturers, political and diplomatic specialists, international relations’ specialists and economists from countries worldwide.


IoD receives short term scholarships on yearly basis from the countries bellow:
-    Germany
-    Netherlands
-    Italy
-    Australia
-    Egypt
-    The United Arab Emirates
-    Saudi Arabia
-    India
-    Pakistan
-    Indonesia
-    Malaysia
-    Iran
-    Bulgaria
-    Estonia

Middle and long term scholarships:

-    Masters and bachelor degree scholar ships from India, Korea, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Poland, Kuwait, Romania on irregular basses.


Scholarships Form