Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS)

The Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS), 2008-2013 served as Afghanistan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and used the pillars, principles and benchmarks of the Afghanistan Compact (2006) as a foundation. The pillars and goals of the ANDS were:
  1. Security: Achieve nationwide stabilization, strengthen law enforcement, and improve personal security for every Afghan,
  2. Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights: Strengthen democratic processes and institutions, human rights, the rule of law, delivery of public services and government accountability.
  3. Economic and Social Development: Reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development through a private-sector-led market economy, improve human development indicators, and make significant progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The vision for the ANDS was: 
  • A stable Islamic constitutional democracy at peace with itself and its neighbors, standing with full dignity in the international family
  • A tolerant, united, and pluralistic nation that honors its Islamic heritage and the deep seated aspirations toward participation, justice, and equal rights for all
  • A society of hope and prosperity based on a strong, private-sector led market economy, social equity, and environmental sustainability
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