Afghanistan's National Priority Program (NPPs)

Afghanistan has made tremendous progress over the past ten years, and the Afghan Government will continue to deliver results for its people in partnership with international community. Afghanistan will continue to be a relatively less developed country for some time. However, as the economy diversifies and grows, the health and well-being of the Afghan people will improve. Furthermore, as the Afghan Government becomes increasingly transparent and accountable, Afghanistan will establish a foundation for future prosperity.
  • By 2015 Afghanistan will have taken over full responsibility for its own security, and will be leading development initiatives to build on the foundational investments that will pave the way for greater economic growth, employment generation and fiscal sustainability.
  • By 2025 Afghanistan will have eliminated its dependence on international assistance to non-security sectors and will only receive support consistent with other least developed nations.  A robust and growing extractive industries sector will have developed.  Peace and stability will be consolidated in Afghan communities through effective development and improved delivery of Government services. 
  • By 2030 Afghanistan will fund a professional, highly effective ANSF.  Achievements in development and governance will allow Afghanistan to emerge as a model of a democratic developing Islamic nation.
Based on these visions, ministries, led by their respective national and international partners, have prepared 22 National Priority Programs (NPPs) in line with the mandate from the 2010 Kabul Conference and Afghanistan's National Development Strategy 2008-2013 (ANDS).
Indeed the National Priority Programs represents a new commitment in Afghan National Development Strategy frame work and their aims are to empower the Afghans and Afghan institutions for better service delivery, creating jobs, sustainable development of economic , incomes, protect Afghan citizens’ right, government and  NGO’s and sustainable peace. 
Please find all NPP's documents in the following links:
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