ANDS Mid-Term Review 2010-2013

On July 20, 2010, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the international community met in Kabul to deliberate on and endorse an Afghan-led action plan to improve governance, social and economic development, and security. Demonstrating a renewed commitment to the People of Afghanistan within the framework of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy, the new generation of National Priority Programs presented at the Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan aim to empower all Afghan citizens and government and non-governmental institutions to contribute to improved service delivery, job creation, equitable economic growth, the protection of all Afghan citizens’ rights, and a durable and inclusive peace. In essence, these programs define the Kabul Process.
The start of the Kabul Process represents a turning point for the People of Afghanistan and their international partners. Unlike the past, when programs were largely prepared and implemented by international cooperation partners, now the Afghan Government and its many development partners across civil society and the private sector have the leadership and institutional capabilities to realize the full benefits of a National Priority Program approach.
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