Afghanistan’s Transformation Decade (2015-2024)

The Government of Afghanistan is committed to improve the lives of its people. Afghanistan is a poor country, but need not remain so. If properly developed and carefully managed, its strategic location, productive agricultural zones, and bountiful mineral resources can provide the basis for a vibrant, sustainable economy. Foundational investments in these and other sectors will establish an environment where the private sector will lead growth, creating jobs and a diversified economy. Access to education and health and well-being of the Afghan people will continue to improve. These along with improvements in governance will establish a platform for self-reliance, prosperity, stability and peace in our country. 
In Chicago and Bonn, the International Community recognized the necessity that reductions of donor support take place in a phased and responsible manner. The lessons of the past are clear; precipitous drops in assistance promote instability. It is now our shared responsibility to ensure that assistance is used with ever increasing effectiveness to realize our shared goal of a secure, self-sufficient Afghanistan. 
We commit to use this assistance to further transparency, good governance, and sound financial management. We understand that it is only through further progress in these areas that we will realize necessary improvements to the business climate that lead to private investment. We will grow Government revenues to meet an increasing portion of our financial responsibilities, decreasing dependence on donor funds. Responsibly used under Afghan leadership, donor funds will help government create productive jobs and opportunities for individual growth and increased access to higher quality education. We will, with the support of our partners, enhance our ability to bring all areas of the country improved security, peace, rule of law and protection of the rights of all citizens with special attention to women and children. We will work to create an inhospitable environment for corruption, narcotics and nepotism. We will encourage the independence of civil society, promote free media, and will seek friendly and mutually beneficial relationships within the region.
Please find the following documents and links for more information. 
  • Realising Self-Reliance (Presented in London Conference, 4 December 2014) - Document
  • Towards Self-Reliance - Document  - Link
  • Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (TMAF) - Document Link
  • Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) - Document Link