تعدادی از افغان‌هایی که مدتی است در اسلام آباد پایتخت ... پاکستان دست به تظاهرات زده و می‌خواهند به خارج از کشور اعزام شوند، در گفت وگو با برخی رسانه‌ها گفته اند که گویا جانشان در افغانستان در خطر است.

A number of Afghan citizens gathered in a protest in Islamabad-Pakistan, are seeking to be evacuated... to other countries.

In interviews with several media outlets, the said Afghans assert that their lives are in danger in Afghanistan.

هغه یو شمېر افغان وګړي چې له څه مودې راهیسي د پاکستان ... پلازمېنه اسلام آباد کې د احتجاج په بڼه را ټول شوي، او غواړې چې بهرنیو هیوادونو ته ولیږدول شي.

له ځینو رسنیو سره په خبرو کې دوی څرګنده کړې چې ګویا افغانستان کې یې ژوند په خطر کې دی.

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Storai Palace

Originally built during the reign of Amir Abdul Rahman Khan (1-7), the royal palace was built as a one-story palace in an open field to the west, a little like the Star Palace (also known as the Palace). At least expanded. 3 times. In 1919, a room in the palace was set up for the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi, which established Afghanistan as an independent state. Part of the building was used by Mahmoud Tarzi, a well-known intellectual and reformist, as an office for the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. The State Department’s offices in the palace were housed until 1965, when most of the work was housed in a state-of-the-art marble building to the east.

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