The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of IEA strongly rejects remarks by President @POTUS asserting Afghanistan is incapable of unity.

No doubt that Afghanistan has never remained united when under foreign occupations, rather majority have firmly stayed united in their lawful struggle against invaders.

Mr. Biden’s remarks on Afghanistan being the “Graveyard of Empires” itself is an admission of Afghan unity.Not divided, but only “united” nations cause the fall of invaders and great empires.

Following the end of occupation, we witnessed how IEA, with limited resources and in a short period, ensured overall security, established a central government, and united the Afghan nation.Discord is an external phenomenon instigated by foreign invaders for their survival, however, Afghans defeated them with with their shared Islamic beliefs, homeland & celebrated history, & are now taking strong leaps towards becoming an equal nation.

MFA _Afghanistan

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