Today a meeting was held in Doha, Qatar, between a senior delegation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and representatives from Gulf Cooperation Council.

The all-day meeting focused on discussions about political and economic situation, and urgent humanitarian needs of the Afghan people. The participants expressed their respect for the national sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity of Afghanistan and steadfast position of non-interference in its internal affairs, as well as insistence on the fundamental rights of Afghans.
The meeting called on the international community to extend development assistance besides humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan to positively alter the economic situation of the country.
The participants condemned attacks in Afghanistan that target civilians and civilian infrastructure, and stressed not allowing the soil of Afghanistan be used by any groups or individuals to threaten the security of other countries.
Moreover, all participants deemed the meeting positive and emphasized on continuation of such engagements that aim to preserve stability and security of Afghanistan, and to meet the hopes and expectations of the Afghan people.
At the end, all participants thanked the State of Qatar for hosting this meeting and its hospitality.

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