Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

Today Afghan experts & businessmen residing abroad and several female members of the Islamic invitation associations called on Acting Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi.

The meeting focused on discussions on political & economic situation in the country, educational process, necessary utilization of the capabilities of Afghan cadres living abroad, & significance of positive developments in the new government & its preservation.

Participants congratulated the restoration of Islamic government, assuring comprehensive cooperation.The members of the Islamic invitation associations called the policy and methods of the Islamic government ensuring the rights of Afghan women & called the sacrifices made for the return of the Islamic system unforgettable while pledgeding to work to reform society through Islamic invitation.

Mr. Muttaqi thanked all the participants for their sincere sympathy with the new Islamic government, adding that the new government is working to make the country self-reliant to save it from penury & transform into a hub of reguonal economy and connectivity.Mr. Muttaqi also said the new government was working to utilize the capacity of Afghans living abroad to improve the country.

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