UNSC Monitoring Team report on increasing foreign groups’ activities in Afghanistan is untrue.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly rejects recent report by the UNSC Monitoring Team asserting an increase of foreign groups’ activities in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate deems such reports lacking evidence, documents and adresses neither in the interest of Afghanistan, the region or the world.

Afghanistan is witnessing exemplary security since the Islamic Emirate regained full sovereignty over the country.

The Islamic Emirate has implemented its commitments laid out in the Doha Agreement and allows none to pose a threat from Afghan soil to any other country, and in return, expects the same from others.

The Islamic Emirate, as an accountable government, will play a positive role towards security and stability of Afghanistan, the region and the world utilizing the existing facilities and opportunities, and hopes that other parties including the UN Security Council would also grasp these facts and make responsible statements.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MFA _Afghanistan

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