IEA-MoFA Statement on UNODC Report

MoFA of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan presents its position regarding the 2023 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report on the the cultivation, production, and trafficking of narcotics in/from Afghanistan, as follows:We confirm parts of the report highlighting the effectiveness of the ban on cultivation, production & trafficking of drugs in Afghanistan which has even affected global markets, & add that opium cultivation in the country has been reduced to zero. The fact that over the past fewdecades, several regimes along with international support & resources at hand failed to end or reduce it demostrates the commitment, discipline writ of the Islamic Emirate.

We consider the assertion of increase in methamphetamine production in smuggling from Afghanistan toworld markets as false far from the truth.

While the IEA is undertaking a serious fight against cultivation, production trafficking of drugs, it calls on the international community to assist Afghanistan both financially & technically in the fight against drugs,provision of alternative livelihoods, treatment of addicts prevention of drug imports into Afghanistan.As MoFA considers the fight against narcotics a common challenge for all countries & coordination thereof essential, it stands ready to collaborate hold constructive dialogue with international organizations in this regard.