IEA-MoFA statement regarding the resumption of brutal attacks by zionist occupiers in Gaza

Following a several-day ceasefire in Palestine’s Gaza Strip, the zionist occupiers again resumed attacks that had already left nearly 15 thousand martyred & 36 thousand injured,in addition to 200 more martyred & 600 injured, mostly children & women, with numerous others still missing under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

The Islamic Emirate condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing brutalities by the zionists & calls for its immediate end.The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on influential world & regional states, Islamic countries & purported human rights bodies to stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza & occupied Palestine territories, & to pave the way for a lasting solution to this issue.The continuation of genocide in Palestine will dismantle the already flimsy credibility of international organizations & humanitarian conventions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan