The Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Afghanistan, Mr. Ilham Mohammadov paid a courtesy call to IEA-Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi and presented the official letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the opening of operations of the embassy in Kabul.

The meeting focused on the commencement of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, economic cooperation and several other issues.Calling the opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Kabul for the first time and dispatching diplomats at ambassadorial level important, FM Muttaqi deemed it as an important breakthrough in the bilateral relations of the two countries and a good sign of fraternity.Welcoming and assuring the Azeri Ambassador of providing necessary support to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Kabul, FM Muttaqi called the relations between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan historic, touching on several other opportunities in bilateral relations, FM Muttaqi said the route of Lapis lazuli holds special importance for Afghanistan, adding that with the activation of the corridor, Afghanistan can be connected to Europe, highlighting that IEA seeks to increase the level of diplomatic presence in Afghan Embassy in Baku.Expressing gratitude for Afghanistan’s support to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Mohammadov said that Azerbaijan respects Afghanistan’s sovereignty and independence and does not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Calling the opening of Embassy of Azerbaijan in Kabul for the first in the history, he acknowledged the achievements of the Afghan government in ensuring security, stability, countering narcotics and economic development.To end, Mr. Mohammadov said that there is good space of cooperation between the two countries in several domains that can benefit both countries.