IEA Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi in a telephone call with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West & the US Special Envoy for Afghan Women Rina Amiri discussed issues of mutual interest.

Mr. West elaborated on developments in the US on Afghan financial sector, particularly the banking & monetary system, & other political and humanitarian issues.

Minister Muttaqi called the same a favorable development, adding that we have achievements in numerous areas;security has been ensured, Daesh has been defeated & none will be allowed to use Afghanistan’s soil against others.

Minister Muttaqi added that the banking system was operational despite all challenges, the Afghani currency has retained its value, the government has been able to paid salaries to all 500k former civil servants & tens of thousands of new employees without any discrimination, & approve the upcoming fiscal year’s budget out of domestic revenues.

Ms. Amiri shared her views & concerns regarding women’s education, employment & human rights,calling for the Afghan government’s attention to improve the same.

Minister Muttaqi said Afghan women were serving in education, health, passport & other areas; Afghan women do not oppose Hijab decree; & a decree to ban the cultivation of narcotics has been issued & implemented.To end, both sides agreed on continued interactions to tackle the hurdles patiently and to address the challenges together.

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