Today Iranian Ambassador Bahadur Aminian called on IEA Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi.

Expressing concern over ill-treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran, Minister Muttaqi stressed that the message should be delivered to the leadership in Iran to instruct the relevant security authorities to prevent abuse of Afghan refugees in border areas.

Minister Muttaqi said ill-treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran adversely affects relations between the two countries & public perception, allowing antagonists to conspire & create dispute,adding that criminals misusing name of Afghan refugee cannot represent general thought, will or actions of all.

Responding to FM’s concerns, the Iranian Ambassador said following the stabbing attack in Imam Ali Raza shrine that killed 2 clerics & injured 1 servant,some malicious circles in a planned agenda launches negative propaganda to create spite between the two friendly & neighboring countries.

The Iranian Ambassador called Afghan refugees in Iran guests, adding that Afghan refugees’ behavior in Iran over the last 43 years has proven their love & amicable interaction with the Iranian people.

He also said his government has no intention of mistreating Afghan refugees but always seeks to bring closer & build trust b/w two countries, adding that he would convey MoFA’s message to his leaders & government

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