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International Economic Cooperation and the MoFA

As a landlocked country, Afghanistan’s economic future is connected inextricably with its region’s economic future. In addition, with the country’s transition toward a more stable market democracy, Afghanistan aims to leverage the immense job and wealth creation potential by contributing to private sector-led economic globalization. In this regard, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs serves as an important link and facilitator of progress, both between Afghan Economic Ministry Officials and their international counterparts, as well as between Afghan citizens and the economic opportunities to be seized beyond Afghanistan’s borders. Specific examples for how this role is fulfilled include:
i)    Developing, consulting, and monitoring international economic policies for the Afghan Government;
ii)    ii) Ensuring the substantive participation of Afghan Economic Ministries in international meetings of, for example, the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program, the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA); and
iii)    iii) Harmonizing Afghanistan’s domestic and international economic policies and commitments.

Pillars and Priority Areas

•    Global Trade and Finance: Strengthening Afghanistan’s competitiveness to benefit from direct participation in global markets (e.g., increased trade and investment), as well as responding to global economic shocks and downturns.
•    International Aid Coordination: Increasing coherence and effectiveness, as well as sustaining support, among Afghanistan’s multilateral and bilateral aid agencies.
•    Regional Economic Cooperation:Transforming Afghanistan into a regional trade and transit hub for the benefit of its citizens and wider region.
•    Facilitating Private Sector Investment: Leveraging the technical know-how and financial resources of the business community to lead Afghan efforts to generate jobs and wealth.

Mission and Objectives:

Mission: To promote international economic cooperation vis-à-vis Afghanistan to achieve greater stability, prosperity, and understanding between Afghanistan, its region, and the wider international community
a) To strengthen and coordinate capacities in the Afghan Government to enhance international economic cooperation with Afghanistan’s neighbors, donor partners, and the international business community;
b) To enhance Afghanistan’s participation in international economic bodies and processes; and
c) To link regional and international economic cooperation closely to broader international efforts to build a durable peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

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