Excerpts from remarks by IEA Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi regarding Iran’s share of water at the seventh anniversary of the martyrdom of Amir-ul-Mu’minin Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor

Regarding Iran’s share of water;

❖ The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan remains committed to the 1351(hijri solar) agreement between the two countries. However, the prolonged drought in Afghanistan and the region should not be ignored.

❖ According to the latest IRC report, Afghanistan is the third most vulnerable country to climate change in the world, with its water resources most affected from climate change.

❖ We also expect the Iranian officials to align their expectations with the 1351 treaty. All judgments and comments should be based on the provisions of the treaty.

Dear brothers of Sistan and Baluchistan!

❖ Believe that we are as sympathetic to you as are we to the people of Nimroz, Farah, and Helmand, and we share your pain equally.

❖ Hundreds of people from Sistan and Baluchistan visit Nimroz province daily and they witness that not even a drop of water flows in Nimroz and that our people are also suffering from it.

❖ There is no water in the Kamal Khan Dam.

❖ You know well that the distance between Kajaki Dam and Sistan and Baluchistan is nearly 600km. On the other hand, this route is a barren deseet land without water, where even a little amount of water will either be absorbed or evaporate on the way.

❖ The capacity in Kajaki Dam, built decades ago, has unfortunately reduced to less than half due to sediments and lack of dredging. Therefore, it is crucial to take into consideration these facts.

❖ I call on the government of Iran not to politicize this vital issue of water. It is optimal for us to resolve such issues through understanding and direct talks instead of making remarks on the media.

❖ During the last two years, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken steps to resolve controllable problems; however, the force majeure that exceeds human capacities (due to climate change) must be understood and a solution found accordingly.