On the sidelines of visit to Moscow, FM Muttaqi met with the Grand Mufti of the Russian Federation and Imam of the Central Mosque of Moscow, Mr. Ravil Ainuddin.

In the meeting, Mufti Rawil Ainuddin gave detailed information about Muslims and religious centers in Russia, and also talked about the Russian government’s policy of respect for Islamic sacred places and the non-discriminatory demeanor towards Muslims.

Also, he brought into discussion the historical background of Tatarstan and Afghanistan, calling Tatarstan a link between Russia and the Islamic world.

FM Muttaqi expressed his satisfaction with appropriate situation of Muslims in Russia and calling the imam a good leader for the Muslims of Russia, and explained the existing stability of Afghanistan, adding that I hope that you will play an important effective and efficient role in strengthening all-round relations between Afghanistan and Russia.

In the end, Mufti Rawil Ainuddin said that Afghans have a special place and respect in our hearts, and we ask Allah Almighty for the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, and we will also assist to improve the relations between Afghanistan and the Russian Federation.