People living in Spin Boldak-Chaman and in general all people living around the vicinity the entire line between Afghanistan and Pakistan enjoy many religious, ethnic, linguistic, kinship and trade linkages with each other, whereas despite some historical pressures in the past, the governments have always had respect and afforded special rights to the people of this region.

Against historical facts, now Pakistani Government has made passports and visa compulsory for people crossing.

It is a sided the decision alike forced deportation of refugees, this is a unilateral decision contradicting with the ground realities.
This decision can create many problems for the lives of the people on both sides of Boldak and Chaman, thus, thousands of people of the region have raised their voices against this decision and strikes are still ongoing.

As the people of this region suffered a lot from long wars and took many opportunities from them, now that security and stability have ensured in Afghanistan and economic momentum has been created, so the position and demand of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is that people of this region must be allowed to travel freely as before and leave a positive impact on the economic momentum of both countries.