The first meeting of the Humanitarian Aid and Economic Recovery Mechanism Working Groups was held online with the participation of Liu Jin Sang, Head of the Asian Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and the Third Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IEA.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Trade, Mines and the Afghan Red Crescent Society. The two sides exchanged views on the current economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. China’s humanitarian aid to Afghanistan was also discussed. The Chinese side announced its readiness to provide humanitarian aid to Afghans, especially in the field of medicine, food and winter clothing. The two sides discussed ways to strengthen trade between Afghanistan and China.The Chinese side said China was a good market for Afghan PineNuts and Saffron. In addition, practical discussions took place on the shipment of dried apricots, pomegranates, almonds and other Afghan fruits to China. The Chinese side expressed its readiness to invest in Afghanistan’s mines and train Afghans in special skills. In the meeting, the Chinese side also promised to provide new aid to Afghanistan. The two sides agreed to hold another meeting on the mechanisms within the next two months.

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