IEA-MoFA statement regarding unprecedented brutality by zionist forces in Gaza Strip

In contravention of all human norms, it has been over 40 days since zionist forces have engaged in brutalizing the Gaza Strip, & with each passing day, they continue to break all rules of war.

Recently, they launched attacks on hospitals, with the latest being an attack on Al-Shifa medical complex.

The IEA again condemns the brutality of Israeli colonizers against the defenseless people of Gaza in the strongest terms, deems their officials war criminals,
& considers their actions in Gaza as blatant violation of all laws of war & war crimes.

The IEA calls on the UN and other purported human rights bodies that if they genuinely believe in their stated values, they must prevent the ongoing brutalities by adopting an honest,
transparent & just position vis-a-vis crimes against humanity carried out by the zionists against the people of Gaza. The current duplicitous position of the Western governments & organizations thereof will further cement the belief that human rights
is a war tactic utilized to further political ends.

Moreover, the IEA again strongly urges Arab & Islamic countries to respond to the cries of the oppressed Muslims of Gaza, & to fulfill their religious & human responsibility through effective & meaningful positions & steps.