The joint delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi attended the three-day special meeting on the situation in Afghanistan in Oslo, Norway.

The first day of the meeting was set to meet with Afghan personalities and several civil society representatives, at the end of which a joint statement was issued by both sides rejecting any military action against the current government in Afghanistan and emphasizing resolving any issues through dialogue.

According to the agenda, the second and third days of the meeting were set to discussions on humanitarian and economic assistance, security issues and human rights in Afghanistan, women’s education and work – with special representatives from Norway, the United States, Britain, Germany, Qatar, Italy, France, and the European Union & the heads of several charity organizations to hold detailed discussions in the technical committees.

Serious and effective talks were also held with senior US Treasury officials on frozen assets, economic sanctions, humanitarian aid, and expediting economic activities to ease restrictions on banking transactions and the free flow of money.

Minister Muttaqi and the accompanying delegation provided detailed information and reasons to the representatives of various countries and institutions regarding the achievements of the last five months, new policies, laws, and plans.

Members of the European Union, the British and American delegations, and representatives of charity organizations praised the Afghan government’s progress in security, the fight against corruption, education, and other areas, and expressed hope for further progress.

Concerns about human rights and women’s rights and several other issues were shared at the meeting, where IEA officials and the accompanying delegation provided conclusive explanations, stressing that the Government of Afghanistan is committed to implementing the amnesty decree and administering justice as well as fully adheres to and cooperates with all international law within the framework of Islam and Afghan values.

It is worth mentioning that in the last part of these meetings, special meetings were held with representatives of different countries to discuss the expedited and increased humanitarian and economic aid and the establishment of political relations with Afghanistan.

As a result of this meeting, the Afghan Government was able to present its policies, achievements, and plans for the future in direct response to the concerns of the world and resolve many misunderstandings.

The Afghan Government expresses gratitude to the Kingdom of Norway for its warm hospitality, facilitation of confidence-building, expediting humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghans, the release of frozen assets, lifting banking and economic sanctions, attracting new aid, and confidence-building for political relations with the US and EU.

All parties at the Oslo meeting stressed the need for the continuation of such meetings, the establishment of a mechanism for humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan, and close cooperation to address the problems.