IEA- MoFA Statement regarding Moscow Format Consultations on Afghanistan

The Islamic Emirate welcomes positive regional mechanisms on Afghanistan and considers emphasis on a peaceful, united, sovereign, independent and economically developed Afghanistan in the meeting a praiseworthy stance.

Also, the participants’ emphasis to intensify efforts for the provision of humanitarian and economic assistance to the Afghan people in the post-conflict reconstruction of the country is welcome.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the security and stability of Afghanistan and the region are interconnected. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate, as an accountable government, reaffirms to the regional countries that it will not allow any individual or group to act against the stability of the region, and to this end, has taken serious steps against antagonist groups and drug cultivation and trafficking.

We want to underscore that the Islamic Emirate — just as it fought against the 20-year occupation posing a direct threat to the security and stability of Afghanistan and the region — as an independent government will not allow any third country to place military infrastructure facilities in Afghanistan. Similarly, we strongly urge other countries to not put their land and airspace at the disposal of other countries against Afghanistan.

IEA believes that the security, stability, and economic prosperity of the region is the shared responsibility of all regional countries, and joint efforts should be undertaken. Accordingly, as an important country in the region, the participation of Afghan government representatives in such meetings can make it more comprehensive and effective.

The Afghan government once again expresses its commitment to further engage in all areas, including positive relations, economic progress, and security with neighboring, regional, and world countries.