Based on decree No 683 of the IEA’s Supreme leader, the distribution of passports has begun in Afghan embassy in Tehran, obliging all the ministries of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to provide necessary facilities and solutions to problems of the citizens.

Based on the decree, upon the instruction of IEA-MoFA, the process of issuing passports has begun in Afghan embassy in Tehran.

The Directorate of Consular Affairs has commenced the distribution of passports for Afghan refugees in foreign missions through a comprehensive plan, dividing passport applicants into different categories.

In the first phase, the passports are being issued to newly born children based on electronic ID card.
In the case of not having electronic ID card, birthday certificate from the relevant hospital, the electronic ID card of the child’s father, tazkira, a passport, or residence permit of the host country is required.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is making efforts and giving assurance of starting issuing passports to other Afghans soon.