IEA-MoFA Statement regarding the ceasefire in Gaza

Following a month and a half of unrelenting bombardment by the zionist regime on the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip, resulting the martyrdom of more than fourteen thousand civilians and the violation of all boundaries of human rights by the zionist forces, the announcement of a 4-day ceasefire is a positive step in preventing further civilian casualties.

The active diplomacy of the Qatari government in ensuring temporary humanitarian ceasefire and delivering humanitarian assistance to the needy people of Gaza is commendable, and it is necessary to extend the ceasefire indefinately to protect the lives of the people of Gaza.

The duplicitous position of the western governments and purported human rights bodies vis-a-vis violation of human rights and transgression of all humanitarian limits by the zionist regime in Gaza has caused irreparable damage to their credibility.The comprehensive and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue is to end the occupation of historical Palestine and grant Palestinians the right to have an independent state on their historical territory like other nations.