IEA-MoFA statement regarding the brutal attacks of the Zionist invaders on the Rafah city of Gaza

Following four months of brutal attacks on the north and south of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, last day the Zionist colonisers brutally attacked the town of Rafah, where over one and a half million Palestinians, with the majority children and women, have taken a safe shelter from the fear of bombings and wars.The continuation of brutality of Zionist forces on Rafah city will cause a major disaster and make the ongoing crisis spiral out. The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the ongoing atrocities of the Zionists and calls for an immediate end to them.The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls upon international and regional influential governments, Islamic states and purported human rights bodies to prevent the ongoing genocide in Gaza and occupied Palestine, and find ways to a fundamental solution to this case.The continued genocide in Gaza has posed serious questions to the current international order and its values, and this genocide of the century will further erode the flimsy credibility of international organizations and humanitarian conventions. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.