Today, On the second day of visit to Turkmenistan, Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi met with the Deputy Minister of Transport of Turkmenistan, Mohammad Khan Chakiyev

During meeting, broad discussions were held on increasing exports and imports between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, enhancing the capacity the railway in Torghundai port and facilitating Afghan traders in Turkmenbashi port.FM Muttaqi said that Turghandi port holds a strategic position between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan as the two countries are connected to each other via highway and railway, adding FM Muttaqi said that the government of Afghanistan is ready to increase the capacity of Turghandi port with the investment of Turkmenistan for enhancing trade and transit between the two countries.Adding further, FM Muttaqi said that both countries should work on Lapis Lazuli route in cooperation with other partners countries to gain a strategic goal by reviving the Lapis Lazuli route, adding that with establishment of overall security condition in Afghanistan, IEA as a responsible government seeks to revive Lapis Lazuli corridor for the connectivity of the region, which is the key element of our economic-centric foreign policy.Later, the Deputy Minister of the Council of Ministers of Turkmenistan for transport affairs said that much work is on the verge of getting done on both ends the two countries in all fields.Our relations are developing in particular in transport sector.Mr. Kachiyev said that the contract between the railway authorities of the two countries will be signed soon. Following, the Turkmen side will start working on increasing the capacity of the railway station in Turghandi port, expressing gratitude for the allocation of the required land in Torghandai port for the investment of the Turkmen side.Additionally, Mr. Kachiyev said that the Lapis Lazuli route is a very important matter, adding that it is necessary to hold a meeting of the five countries of the Lapis lazuli route including Afghanistan.To end, Mr. Kachiyev said that it is necessary for the officials of the transport and customs departments of the partner countries to get together and have a comprehensive discussion on finding ways to revive this important route, adding that, In the past years, we have paid special attention to the training of Afghan technicians in the field of railways, and we will continue to train Afghan technicians in the field of transport and railways.Mr. Kachiyev said that the Turkmenistan is ready to invest in the railway station of Turghandi following receiving the essential technical information and signing agreement.Mr. Chakiyev said that he will be also visiting Turkmenbashi port when the Minister of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan, accompanied by Afghan businessmen, comes next week.