Afghan Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi welcomed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Kabul in a special visit to Afghanistan.

The Foreign Ministers met in Storai Palace-MoFA to discuss political, economic & transit issues, air corridor, dried fruit export, educational scholarships, visa issuance, commencing work in the mines sector, Afghanistan’s role in BRI & other matters of significance.

Mr. Wang Yi called his visit to Afghanistan a step towards strengthening comprehensive relations, adding that the Afghan-China historic ties call for further enhancement & expansion.

Mr. Yi said PRC conducts a policy of non-interference in Afghan internal affairs or to safeguard its interests thereof, expressing his objection over the imposed political & economic sanctions on Afghanistan.

Mr. Wang Yi praised the changes & security by the new Afghan government, highlighting further assistance with Afghanistan besides humanitarian & development assistance provided in the past.

He called the upcoming Foreign Ministers’ meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbors in China important, expressing pleasure over FM Muttaqi’s participation in the meeting.

Minister Muttaqi praised FM Wang Yi’s special visit to Kabul, calling it a positive message to the Afghans & the world, appreciating China for its support & assistance, & extending condolences for the aircraft crash in China.Minister Muttaqi added that the security brought about by the new gov. lays the foundation for foreign investment, including for China, in Afghanistan that ensures their interest besides cooperating with Afghans in economic growth & stability with the full support of the new gov.Minister Muttaqi said that stability in Afg is in the interest of the region & world, a goal attained. It is now responsibility of the world to enhance this stability by cooperating in political & economic areas, expressing pleasure over gradual enhancement of ties with China.