Today, Head of UNAMA, Ms Roza Otunbayeva called on IEA-Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi

The meeting underlined the recent Doha meeting on Afghanistan, UN Special Coordinator assessment, & future IEA-UN engagement.Updating on the Doha meeting, Ms Otunbayeva commented that the UNSG said that consultations should take place with the Afghan government, adding that the UNSG stressed that no step should be taken with regards to appointment of a Special Envoy that could complicate engagement with the Afghan government.Ms Otunbayeva said that if participants agree, more meetings will be held in Doha to improve understanding between us, highlighting that there will be broad consultations with IEA regarding the upcoming meetings.Ms Otunbayeva said the participants of the Doha meeting emphasized continued engagement with the Afghan government.Later, FM Muttaqi said that IEA-MoFA closely monitored the Doha meeting & observed no tangible outcome, adding that we hope meetings on Afghanistan bear positive results. To end, FM Muttaqi stressed importance of holding timely comprehensive consultations with Kabul for effectiveness of meetings.